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Understanding Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Sex is one of the most important things in a young man’s life. Sex also stands at the center of romantic relationships and contributes to the quality of one’s life.

As such, it is easy to understand why sexual dysfunction is such a nightmare for men. It is also understandable why most men would give anything to escape the sexual ailments that plague them.


Male Fertility Testing might soon Become Possible to Perform Remotely

Visiting the doctor about sexual health issues or simply regular exams is a procedure that many men find embarrassing and tend to avoid scheduling such a visit. Fortunately, in cases like this, science joins forces with technology and creates some amazing modern day “miracles” that make many sections of our lives a lot easier.


The Refractory Period in Men

The refractory period is the time interval after an orgasm in which a man finds it impossible to have sexual intercourse. It is a ‘recovery phase’ during which men aren’t able to stay erect and engage in further sexual activity. The duration of this period varies in all individuals and can go from several minutes for some to a few days for others.