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The Case for Medical Marijuana

Recently the DEA decided that marijuana would not be changed from a Class 1 drug to a class that would make it more readily available to researchers as well as patients. A Class 1 controlled substance is a substance that has shown to have little if any medicinal value, and it is also a substance considered to be dangerous.


An Overview of Drug Addyi

Addyi is a drug that is taken orally and used to treat low libido in women. It works by affecting the way the brain works by interfering with the communication of the nerves in the brain areas. It affects the nerves that are responsible for controlling sexual desire and other pleasurable sensation in the body.


Demystifying Cialis and Bodybuilding

Searches, enquiries and discussions on Cialis and bodybuilding have become quite popular of late. Some people are curious and want to know what Cialis is and how it can help a user increase muscle and mass, while others are expressing their views after using the erectile dysfunction (ED) medication for bodybuilding.