Men and women both have issues when it comes to their bodies. Some of these problems are common while others are specific to their anatomical makeup. For example, men tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Approximately 10% of men suffer from this medical condition at any given time.

5However, the severity of the problem and the number of men affected increase with age.Eriacta Around 50% of men in their 60s experience mild or moderate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is also important to note that 5% and 15% of men in their 40s and 70s respectively suffer from complete erectile dysfunction. Therefore, no one should feel shame about this condition the more especially as a remedy for it exists. Eriacta is an effective solution to this problem.

What is Eriacta?

Eriacta is a drug based on sildenafil, which is the same substance that makes up much of Viagra medication. Sildenafil promotes blood to flow smoothly into the genital area allowing a man to get a strong erection and sustain sexual activity for a longer period than he would have without the drug.

It also inhibits the production of an enzyme known as PDE5 allowing blood to flow into the penile region at a much faster rate. It does so because PDE5 breaks down a chemical known as guanosine monophosphate, which is necessary to produce an erection.

The Food and Drug Adminsitration approved the active ingredient of Eriacta and as such, it is safe for use by those who have erectile dysfunction.

How can you purchase this drug?

Eriacta, originally manufactured by Ranbaxy Industries, is available online. You can purchase it discreetly without anyone knowing about it. However, it is important for you to contact your doctor before doing so just to make sure that it will not interfere with any medical condition you may have or medications you are consuming.having_sex

The drug is available as small pills that come in packages of 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. The pills can be used by men who are between 18 and 75 years old.

How do you use it?

Eriacta comes in the form of a pill, as mentioned earlier, meaning that you will have to take it orally. It is recommended taking a pill with a full glass of water.

Remember, Eriacta works really well so you should not take it when you are going out in public or just lazing about in the house. Instead, only use it when you are expecting some sexual activity in the next hour or so. Eriacta habitually starts working in 30 minutes after taking it, so be sure that your partner has arrived or is about to arrive before you take it.


People who suffer from heart diseases or diabetes should be very careful taking this drug. Men who have a history of heart complications such as a stroke or arrhythmia should avoid using Eriacta.

Just to emphasize, it is recommended for you to consult your doctor before you use this powerful drug to avoid any possible health complications.