Male Fertility Testing might soon Become Possible to Perform Remotely

Visiting the doctor about sexual health issues or simply regular exams is a procedure that many men find embarrassing and tend to avoid scheduling such a visit. Fortunately, in cases like this, science joins forces with technology and creates some amazing modern day “miracles” that make many sections of our lives a lot easier.

A team of researchers from the University of Illinois located in the city of Chicago have managed to create a camera lens that can make the appointment to a doctor for the fertility test obsolete. They created a lens no wider than 1 millimeter that can be easily attached to a smart phone camera without requiring extensive technical skills.male-fertility-test It has the amazing ability to offer a total zoom of 555x, meaning it can magnify an image or a video 555 times without distorting its quality and allowing it to still be clear and able to undergo inspection for certain details.

From that video clip, which does not even need to be long – just 3 seconds are enough – the respective medical examiner can tell whether the man’s sperm has any type of problems like slow movement, if the quantity is below a certain level that could indicate fertility problems, and many more valuable information – all that remotely without the need to see the person eye to eye.

This invention has made huge sale success. It is already available for sale in Japan where it has been tested by scores of men. So far, its results are very encouraging since its success rate is more than 50%. Even though this percentage is not considered high enough and definitely requires some improvement, it is very promising and can be of huge help to men around the world living in remote areas who do not have access to health clinics.

The above invention is really new since the latest study results and findings were published no more than a week ago at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology meeting held in Finland. We are certain that the future has many more surprises for us, and maybe we will live to see the day when no visit to a doctor or a hospital will be necessary to take exams. Technology is here to fulfill our wildest dreams.