Matcha – the Tea with the Benefits

Teas and juices are a big part of modern diets and cleanse programs, and they can have all kinds of blends and recipes that are believed to purify your body and improve your health. One particular kind of tea that has been gaining a cult following is matcha, a kind of Asian green tea that is loved by celebrities and health fanatics.

Matcha is essentially very strong, powdered green tea. It has a very lively green color and strong flavor because it is kept in the shade for the last few weeks before harvest, thus boosting its quantity of chlorophyll. Matcha green tea was traditionally used in the important tea ceremonies in Japan and is still classified by vendors as “ceremony tea”, which is the strongest, highest quality blend.

Matcha can be used for just about anything, from brewing a cup of tea, to flavoring ice cream, boosting the nutritional value of a smoothie and even seasoning food, which is great news because it is said to have numerous health benefits.

Matcha is a very concentrated source of antioxidants, which is the main reason why it is so popular. That happens because you actually consume the ground tea instead of just the infusion made with leaves.Matcha-tea This antioxidant action not only helps to cleanse your body, but it also improves your chances against conditions like cancer, heart disease and aging.

That is not all matcha is supposed to be helpful with though. This kind of ground green tea is one of very few things that are actually capable of making your body burn calories more quickly, as it speeds up thermogenesis and fat oxidation, resulting in real and effective weight loss benefits, especially if taken properly and coupled with a good diet and exercise routine.

More than that, matcha also has a unique balance of caffeine and amino acids that allow it to be energizing and calming all at once, as well as improve focus and concentration so that you can feel awake but relaxed and have more productive days.

To get all of these benefits and the others that haven’t been mentioned here, you need to prepare and consume matcha properly, otherwise you risk not only completely missing out on the benefits, but also adding some unnecessary risks to your health.

To prepare your tea the most organic way possible, add an adequate amount of high grade matcha to a bowl or cup, pour in hot yet not boiling water and whisk – preferably with a bamboo whisk – until it becomes frothy and smooth. It will surely be an acquired taste, but this is the best, purest way of getting all of the famous matcha benefits.