The Case for Medical Marijuana

Recently the DEA decided that marijuana would not be changed from a Class 1 drug to a class that would make it more readily available to researchers as well as patients. A Class 1 controlled substance is a substance that has shown to have little if any medicinal value, and it is also a substance considered to be dangerous. The reality of the situation is that marijuana has shown to have many beneficial effects for patients, and it is actually far safer to use than people realize. Today there is an overwhelming opiate addiction problem with far too many people dying as a result. On the other hand, there has never been a reported case of someone dying from an overdose of marijuana.medical+marijuana19

As far as medicinal value goes marijuana has a number of positive effects on patients and can be used to help treat many conditions. Is marijuana a magic cure as some proponents would have you believe? No, but it is a drug that can be safely used to help with many different medical conditions.

Marijuana has potent pain relief properties that make it a preferred option for many people who suffer from chronic pain. Instead of relying upon dangerous and addictive opiates, patients should be given the option of choosing marijuana instead. In addition to pain relief marijuana has shown an ability to help with inflammation, nausea, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties which help with joint pain and arthritis. Yet another newly emerging use for medical marijuana is to treat patients afflicted with inflammatory bowel disease. Although the research is still fairly minimal at this point, there have been a few small studies that show that marijuana helps to ease the symptoms of these diseases.

Changing the classification of marijuana will open a lot of doors that have largely been ignored for many years. Due to a lack of research, caused by legal restrictions, we don’t really know the full extent of marijuana’s medicinal properties. While there has been limited research, there are many patients who swear by marijuana and the positive effect it has had on their lives.

The bottom line is that marijuana does not need to be a Schedule 1 drug. It is far less dangerous than alcohol and many other types of controlled substances. As many medical experts think, marijuana should be removed from its current Schedule 1 status, and moved into a less restrictive category so that its medicinal value can be more thoroughly investigated.