The Importance of Post-Workout Nutrition

Proper nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. However, most people do not seem to understand the importance of their nutrition before and after their exercise sessions. This based on observations of what most people tend to eat after a serious workout.

No doubt, the concept of post-workout nutrition is quite complex. While some studies believe that meals and shakes should be consumed immediately after a workout, others encourage individuals to postpone eating until at least 45 minutes after their exercises.

For some medical experts, anything you eat within the first two hours is acceptable. And while the issue of timing sounds like quite the complex topic, more people are often more perplexed by the prospect of choosing the right post-workout meal.The-Rock-eating-pancakes

Sufficing to say, though, your nutrition after a workout is essential to the results you can expect to elicit from your exercise regimen.

So many doctors are quick to encourage their patients to exercise but very few ever broach the topic of nutrition after a workout, probably because of all the debates still raging about the subject.

However, everyone agrees that post-workout nutrition is important, serving three main purposes:

  • It refuels your energy stores.
  • It increases the size of your muscles by reducing protein breakdown.
  • It aids in the reparation of damage caused by your workout.

If you want to recover faster after a workout even while refueling your energy stores, you need to eat right.

Try to remember that exercise causes your muscles to break down and undergo repair. That is forcing them to grow stronger over time. An appropriate post-workout meal will initiate protein synthesis even while suppressing protein breakdown.

Of course, merely eating proteins isn’t enough. Think about all those hours you spend after every workout, feeling pumped yet exhausted. Your body’s carbohydrate (glycogen) levels have been depleted rather significantly, with glycogen being the substance in your muscles that your body uses to fuel its operations.

In other words, to recover appropriately from a workout, you are going to need the right combination of proteins and carbohydrates following your exercise session. Most people usually run towards brown rice, chicken breast, and other whole foods which are not necessarily beneficial (they take too long to digest).

Most nutritionists encourage exercise-enthusiasts to adopt a liquid post-workout nutrition, especially after an intense workout. Thirty grams of carbohydrates will do, this along with at least fifteen grams of protein, possibly taken in smoothie format.

A surprising number of individuals around the world have a tendency to undermine the results of their workouts by eating wrong food at the wrong time. If you want to stay in shape and optimize the results of your exercises, you need to adhere to proper post-workout nutrition.