Tips to Giving Good Prostate Massage

Studies indicate that proper prostate massage improves a man’s sensual health and greatly improves quality of life. The activity also helps reduce the risk of diseases such as prostate cancer, Prostatitis, genital pain, and urinary infections. When done right, it also minimizes the risk of erectile dysfunction and reduces repeated urination especially at night. To enjoy maximum satisfaction and experience the benefits, it’s vital to have the following in mind:

Familiarize With Prostate

Prostate ExamBefore starting to massage the prostate you need to understand what it is, where it is located, and how it feels like. This increases the chances of making the experience pleasurable and beneficial. Unfortunately, many people use the right technique on the wrong region or the wrong technique at the right spot. This usually leads to pain, discomfort, and dissatisfaction and can also lead to injuries or infections.

Discover the Right Massage Technique

Massaging the prostate is quite different from the regular massage. First-of-all, the prostate gland is located inside the male genitals and can be hard to reach. Secondly, the area is quite sensitive and can be painful if handled wrongly. Thirdly, in addition to pleasure, the activity is aimed at improving a man’s health. It pays to take time to learn the best technique and also trying different methods to find out the most effective method.

Focus on Pleasure

Massaging the prostate comes with numerous benefits as stated earlier, and any man would like to experience most if not all the benefits. However, the secret to getting the most out of the activity lies in focusing on pleasure. It has been shown that offering pleasurable prostate massage not only increases pleasure but also comes with other health benefits. Concentrating more on the healthy side may make the experience uncomfortable and challenging.

Maintain Good Lubrication

The prostate region doesn’t have any natural lubrication and will usually be dry. Attempting to massage the area without any form of lubrication may cause more harm than good as there is a high chance of rupturing, grazing, or irritating the sensitive skin. The lube should be applied on the right regions so as to allow the skin relax and excite the nerve endings. Water-based or the longer lasting silicone-based lubes are the most common types.

Consider using Toys

At times you may find using fingers a challenge because you are not comfortable, the finger length is not adequate, or you want a new experience. Care should be used when using toys since too much penetration or force may results to injuries. First start by lubricating the toy and region then insert it slowly while using minimal force.

Learning the right technique of massaging the prostate requires time, patience and in some instances, trial and error. However, with the right attitude and approach, the exercise will bear amazing and long-lasting results. Besides bringing pleasure to a man, good prostate massage improves sensual health.