Understanding Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Sex is one of the most important things in a young man’s life. Sex also stands at the center of romantic relationships and contributes to the quality of one’s life.

As such, it is easy to understand why sexual dysfunction is such a nightmare for men. It is also understandable why most men would give anything to escape the sexual ailments that plague them.

The term ‘sexual dysfunction’ basically refers to any ailment that prevents a man from achieving or delivering sexual satisfaction. Not only can sexual dysfunction affect the quality of one’s life, but it is often a symptom of a more devastating illness.scared_guy

To understand the nature of sexual dysfunction, one must first understand sexual function. Sex is the culmination of a number of physical systems and mental factors. There are hormones and neurological pathways that are essential for the manifestation of sexual desire. For an erection to occur, blood vessels and nerves must also play their role. Muscles and nerves need to coordinate for ejaculation to occur, while orgasms are still mysterious and complex, not wholly understood by the medical science yet.

Sexual dysfunction occurs when one or more of those physiological elements necessary for sexual activity are disrupted in some way. And because there are so many factors necessary for sexual activity, diagnosing sexual problems in men can present a challenge. Doctors have to perform physical examinations with the thorough evaluation of a patient’s medical history in order to narrow down the potential sources of sexual dysfunction.

Sometimes, it might prove necessary for a doctor to interview his or her patient’s partner to gain a better understanding of his sexual situation. It has also become the norm to conduct psychological interviews with the aim of determining whether there might be mental and emotional factors contributing to one’s sexual dysfunction.

Some men will shy away from seeking treatment for their sexual dysfunction because of the invasive nature of the examination involved in diagnosing their illness. Doctors often ask very intimate questions about their patient’s sex life, this along with carrying out thorough examinations of the sexual organs.

For a lot of men, though, this discomfort is worth the opportunity to escape their dysfunction. There is no one single treatment for sexual dysfunction that is effective in all men. Sometimes, when it comes to uncomplicated impotence, such male sexual enhancers like Viagra are enough to deliver results.